SOCY7708: Hierarchical Linear Modeling

Course notes

January 19: Intro to HLM and Stata PDF DOC
January 26: Two-Level HLM Models PDF DOC
February 9: HLM Model Building Strategies PDF DOC
February 16: Model Building Example PDF DOC
February 16: Interpreting Interactions PDF DOC
March 2: HLM Diagnostics PDF DOC
March 23: Missing Data, Part 1 PDF DOC
March 30: Missing Data, Part 2 PDF DOC
April 6: Analyzing an HLM Article PDF DOC
April 13: Answers for the HLM Article PDF DOC
April 13: Longitudinal Data in HLM PDF DOC
April 27: Three Level Models PDF DOC
April 27: Cross-Nested Models PDF DOC
May 4: Categorical and Count Data Models PDF DOC

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Last update: May 4, 2022.