SC361 Family and Work: Schedule of Presentations


You are responsible for constructing a reading list (in consultation with me), reviewing the literature, and preparing a 15-minute presentation to be delivered in class. Please see some tips for reviewing the literature and some advice on preparing a presentation. You will also read other studentsí weekly blogs for that week, prepare questions for in-class discussion, and come prepared to co-lead the discussion with me. Your reading list will be due one week before the class meeting (although you are welcome to submit drafts of the list and consult with me earlier); you will send your discussion questions to me by 9 pm on Monday preceding your presentation.

September 29. Mothering.

October 6. Fathering: Ace Egger

October 13. Childhood: Tim Dahl

October 20. The Time Bind: Jackie Woods and Sarah Onori

October 27. Division of Unpaid Labor: Kelly Whitaker

November 3. Extended Kin Ties: Alysa Delerme and Earl Edwards

November 10. Paid Carework: Andrew Velasquez and Natalie Taylor

November 17. Emotion Work and Sex Work: Janelle Lee and Wintanna Abai

November 24. Social Policy in the United States: Katelyn Skerry and Annaliese Heussler

December 1. Social Policy: European Perspectives: Carolyn Jones

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Last update: October 7, 2009.